Who was Rainee Laveist? How did HZ University Student & Footballer died Detail Explored

Who was Rainee Laveist? How did HZ University Student & Footballer died
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The sad news of the death of a young boy is very much discussed among people on the internet. The boy was stabbed by another young boy when they were fighting with each other. This incident happened during the Kick-off festival when a boy stabbed to death an HZ university student and Football player Rainee Laveist. The kick-off festival was held in Vlissingen in the evening and at 10:40 PM in the Ballamypark this incident took place where a teenage boy killed a 20 years old boy by stabbing him.

Yes, you heard right the killer was a teenager, although he was arrested by police and his personal information is not revealed yet. After hearing this horrific news, people got very sad and emotional for the deceased family and sent them condolences. At this time the news has been got viral on the internet and now everyone wants complete information on this topic. Keep reading this article till the end for complete information.

What happened to Rainee Laveist?

The incident that happened last Thursday shocked people where a 16-year boy killed a 20-year boy by stabbing him at the festival in Vlissingen. According to the reports, officers found Rainee’s injured body in the university, and as soon as possible, the trauma team arranged to take him to the hospital by helicopter. They tried to give him medical aid but in front of god will nobody can do anything, he could not even reach the hospital and died on the way. If we talk about why these all things happened then it all happened in the fight between them and then the teenager gets so much angry and in his anger, he killed him and ran away from the incident location. Now he has been arrested by police and the investigation is still on.

Rainee Laveist dead

Rainee Laveist Died

Rainee was completing his graduation from HZ university in Applied science but before he could do he got died. In her university everyone likes him and according to his professors and schoolmates, he was a very intelligent and calm boy. For following his passion he started playing football, he was h good football player and he started this at a very young age. The KNVB association has canceled all matches this weekend and also sends its condolences to his family. Currently, His family and friends are in complete shock and not in a position to make any statement. They only want justice for all things which happened to their loved ones.

The police immediately launched their investigation even though they have no idea who is looking after him. When doctors couldn’t help, the body was sent for forensic examination. According to police speculation, the killer was a teenager who killed the victim on Thursday. He was killed in the crowd, and it was all planned. He was airlifted to the hospital and received medical treatment, but could not be saved due to his life-threatening injuries. We all are very sad for his family and praying for them, may his soul rest in peace.


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