Who is teapotuberhacker? A Person who leaked GTA 6 Detail Explored

Who is teapotuberhacker? A Person who leaked GTA 6
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A Twitter user name teapotuberhacker hacked in Rockstar Games’s Database and leaked clips of GTA 6 which went viral all over the web. But, who is teapotuberhacker? Let us know in the article.

How teapotuberhacker Leaked GTA 6 ?

On 18 September, a poster on GTAForums going by the name teapotuberhacker posted about 90 videos, duration of 50 minutes of footage from developing version of the forthcoming video game Grand Theft Auto 6, from Rockstar Games. The footage gain attention and went viral around social media and the wider internet. Shortly after the initial announcement, the hacker announced on the forum claiming they are looking to “negotiate a deal” with Rockstar for the return of unreleased data – including the source code for Grand Theft Auto 5 and the developing version of Grand Theft Auto 6.

How did the hacker leaked footage?

The hacker confessed the GTA 6 clips and photos were obtained by breaking into Rockstar’s Slack channel which is the communication platform used for internal collaboration. The 90 videos were posted there, he says, and were easily downloaded.

Who is teapotuberhacker?

teapotuberhacker also claims that he/she is behind the recent Uber data breach. The hacker also created his Twitter profile to be interactive with people and negotiate deal with Rockstar Game.

A lot of people claimed that the hacker is from United Kingdom and is 16 years old. But teapotuberhacker himself/herself clarified that it is not true. All that hacker want is to negotiate a deal in exchange of heavy money from Rockstar Games.

A lot of obviously work-in-progress interactivity, from all transformative phases. A portion of the recording is straightforward short clasps of movement tests: one such video shows a sort inclining through of the window of a vehicle furnished with a rifle, pointing in a smooth circle. In others, characters then again walk and raced to test movement movements.

Different recordings are more point by point. In one, a female player character holds up a burger joint, pointing a gun at the clerk who puts piles of dollars on the counter, before the player gets the cash and continues on. The scene is voice-acted and smoothly enlivened, yet at the same time unpolished, with character models and view having none of the detail anticipated from a completed game.

Indeed, even given the incomplete idea of the clasps, with troubleshoot orders and specialized data overlaid, the spilled film seems to affirm many revealed insights regarding the game, remembering the presence of a female playable person for the single-player crusade interestingly, and the setting of cutting edge Bad habit City, the GTA world’s likeness Miami, which highlighted in 2002’s Thousand Robbery Auto: Bad habit City.

One can contact hacker through the Twitter Profile


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