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Where is Leo Schofield Now? › Kuri007
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The February 1987 homicide of Michelle Saum Schofield is actually most certainly some of the confounding conditions to have truly ever earlier than concerned average, and in addition it goes an entire lot previous the correct, godawful violation itself. In spite of everything, as profiled on ABC’s ’20/20: Final Seen In Lakeland,’ her partner Leo Schofield has truly on condition that been based responsible, nevertheless there’s potential proof that any sort of particular else completely could be anxious. So at the moment, in case you propose to look at added in relation to the earlier– particularly his anticipated hand throughout the challenge, his accredited fines, alongside along with his present standing– we’ve obtained the required particulars for you.

Who’s Leo Schofield?

It was as soon as once more in 1986 when highschool failures Leo (20) and in addition Michelle (17) initially obtained under all through every varied different, solely to create such a direct hyperlink that they merely couldn’t keep away. They due to this fact relocated collectively only a transient time in a while after which wound up getting married as rapidly as their Southside Meeting of God Church spent for the entire wedding ceremony to assist them “give up residing in sin.” Nonetheless, each level obtained under to an surprising coating spherical 6 months proper into their (at the moment troubled) conjugal relationship as an end result of Michelle was killed in amongst a number of worst strategies possible; stabbed 26 circumstances.

The reality is Leo (that reported Michelle doing not have) obtained proper right here listed under uncertainty reasonably quickly owing to the tales of their next-door neighbors, companions, and in addition residence recommending a violent partnership with battles at every flip. Whereas some witnesses reported loads of spoken ventures, others asserted he was not simply bodily however had truly moreover presumed concerning intimidate his companion’s life at one cut-off day. Due to this fact, when a next-door neighbor asserted she will surely listened to the pair enter right into a debate on that individual eventful night time, solely to in a while see Leo depart upon pushing an enormous merchandise proper into his trunk, the uncertainties raised manifold.

The actual fact the Schofield trailer residence was apparently acknowledged as a result of the truth that the legal offense scene regardless of there being an excessive amount of blood/proof straight away the placement Michelle was discovered actually didn’t assist Leo’s occasion each. And whereas there have truly been essential disparities throughout the next-door neighbor’s account, the 20 varied persona witnesses to point on his horrible propensities moreover made the district attorneys’ factor undoubtedly extra highly effective. Leo was actually apprehended and in addition billed with homicide in June 1988– he was discovered liable of the same complying with 2 hrs of court docket consideration in 1989, that implies he was simply 21 on the second. It’s important to find there was no bodily proof within the path of him.

The place is Leo Schofield At present?

Though Leo was punished to life behind bars upon sentence and in addition has truly unchangingly invested the earlier 30+ years behind bars in a state heart, he has by no means fluctuated from his insurance coverage claims of advantage. That’s obvious by his quite a lot of vacationer attraction filings with time, particularly after Jeremy Lynn Scott bought related to the difficulty by a finger print after which admitted (he in a while recanted), however fruitless. “Harmless isn’t any half in it, no plan in it, didn’t comprehend it was taking place, didn’t comprehend it was going to occur, and didn’t need it to occur,” Leo notified ABC’s ’20/20 ′ merely lately. “That’s me.”

We should always clarify that whereas the earlier hopeful band participant had truly admitted to slapping his companion Michelle two instances on the stands in court docket, he talked about he was not bodily horrible throughout the episode. “Bodily abuse is one kind of abuse after which you have got the emotional abuse, which I’m responsible of,” he confessed. “I did a lotta yelling…and I wasn’t past punching a wall and being very theatrical,”

As for his location, 57-year-oldLeo Robert Schofield Jr is presently put behind bars on the mixed-security Hardee Correctional Establishment in Bowling Inexperienced,Florida He’ll seemingly be certified for parole succeeding 12 months, however he, his 2nd companion Crissie, and in addition The Innocence Challenge of Florida proceed to perform sporting down for his exoneration. They require to take away his title together with talk what they image could be justice to Michelle.


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