Video Links Similar to Jeje Selebew Duration 2 Minutes in Hotel Rooms Viral Twitter on TikTok – Kuri007 Detail Explored

Video Links Similar to Jeje Selebew Duration 2 Minutes in Hotel Rooms Viral Twitter on TikTok – Kuri007 – #Video #Links #Similar #Jeje #Selebew #Duration #Minutes #Hotel #Rooms #Viral #Twitter #TikTok

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Video Links Similar to Jeje Selebew Duration 2 Minutes in Hotel Rooms Viral Twitter on TikTok. Jeje Slebew is back in the spotlight. Because, the exciting two-minute video, with a female figure resembling her, went viral on TikTok.

Today on Twitter, there is a lot of discussion about a 2-minute video that is thought to be similar to Jeje Slebew.

Not a few Twitter residents are trying to find out whether the 2-minute video is genuine or not because this is certainly related to the name Jeje Slebew.

After being busy, Jeje Slebew finally opened his voice regarding his name which was linked to a 2-minute video on Twitter.

Jeje Slebew also admitted that he was actually hurt by the news. Netizens on TikTok and Twitter were shocked by the appearance of a hot video similar to Jeje Slebew.

Video link duration 2 minutes like Jeje no sensor

Many are wondering whether the authenticity of the video is really Jeje Slebew which went viral at Citayam Fashion Week.

“Moreover, this is jeje slebew,” said a Twitter user named @ti****.

“It’s getting closer for me to meet jeje slebew,” said @milei***.

“Dm ritwet to get the full video,” said @An***.

Jeje has confirmed that it is clear that the woman in the video is not her.

He admitted that he was very hurt to be compared to the woman in the viral video.

According to him, even though his hair cut to his height is the same, it’s definitely not him.

“You don’t think I’m hurt if I’m the same (porn star),” he explained in an Instagram upload.

Viral Video Jeje at Hotel

That was the clarification information about the 2-minute video link like Jeje Slebew full no censorship which is circulating virally on Twitter.

Many netizens judged the resemblance of Jeje Slebew and the woman in the video, from the face to the haircut. The accusation then made Jeje angry.

The woman who has gone viral as an icon of Citayam Fashion Week has finally provided clarification through her IG Story upload on her account, @911jelicascalling.

Initially, Jeje apologized for never updating on Instagram or TikTok with the excuse of wanting to take a break. However, now he wants to provide clarification regarding the exciting video that dragged his name.

“I got some good news for you guys and this news really makes me happy. I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief as usual. So, I’ll give you a look in the next story,” Jeje wrote.

Jeje Viral on Hotel Twitter

In the next upload, he displayed a snippet of the viral video and focused on the face of a woman who was said to look like him. After that he gave a long explanation and denied that the woman was him.

“It’s very, very different isn’t it? Thank you very much to the most beloved editors who have helped me answer this commotion. You guys are very helpful,” he said.

On that occasion, Jeje emphasized that he was not the player in the exciting video and he also did not know the female figure in the exciting video.

“For those who are still asking, ‘Is that you Jeje?’ j The answer I emphasize, nope it’s not me. It’s not me in the video, but someone else who knows who he is because I don’t know and don’t know who he is, I don’t even know his name,” Jeje explained.

“Essentially, I want to straighten out this hoax. Sorry that’s not Jeje Slebew/ that’s not me. That’s a person I don’t even know,” he added.

Jeje Slebew Gives This Shocking Message to People Who Blaspheme

This 16-year-old girl then gave a striking message to people who had been blaspheming her. He hopes that these people will receive guidance and can repent.

“Never talk arbitrarily without clear and significant evidence, never slander, never eat people’s words, never spread/create fake news that is not clear,” he said.

He did not forget to also thank those who still support him and believe that he can prove that all these accusations are wrong.

“Thank you very much for the good netizens who gave the belief that I could silence the scary-mouthed netizens,” he said again.

Jeje then asserted, as a human being, he was not born perfect. It’s just that he doesn’t accept being slandered and accused of doing things he’s never done in his life.

“If it’s slander, haveeh raise your hand. Because slander is more cruel than murder. The rest, let good netizens and scary netizens fight because only they know very well what is right and wrong,” he concluded.

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