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Twitter restricted the account of Canadian People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier, preventing him from posting new messages for 12 hours after he used the platform to encourage his supporters to “play dirty” with journalists covering his campaign.

CTV journalist Christy Somos responded to the attack online. In a tweet describing “what your inbox looks like after Bernier tweeted about you,” Somos posted a screenshot of the threatening email he sent.

In the email, someone who appears to be a PPC supporter said they expected Somos to be s3xually assaulted and killed and encouraged him to commit suicide.

CTV News communications manager Rob Duffy told CBC News in an email that Somos would not provide details about his interactions with PPC.

Somos tweeted a link to a story he wrote for CTV explaining the matter. The story cited a number of experts who drew on the connection between PPC and extremist and racist views and was posted immediately after the tweet contained a threatening email.

After Bernier posted the email address of a Global News journalist who questioned him, Global reporter Ahmar Khan also posted a screenshot of a message he received which he described as antisemitic and Islamophobic.

Khan said he became the subject of Bernier’s tweet after sending a request to the PPC press office the day after the election, asking if the party could provide someone to talk to him about voters’ concerns about possible extremism in the party.

The third reporter targeted in Bernier’s tweet was Neil Moss of The Hill Times, who wrote to PPC asking someone to respond to claims that party members were involved in hate, violent and racist incidents while on the campaign trail.

Moss raised those questions for a story published on Wednesday that cited a number of experts as saying that campaign violence and hatred should be addressed by party leaders.

Twitter said in a media statement that Bernier’s tweet violated the company’s personal information policy.

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The account was suspended at 11pm. on Wednesday night. The account was reactivated 12 hours later after Bernier deleted the offending tweet.

Bernier’s account is locked in read-only mode — which allows him to send and receive private messages and allows others to view his account, but does not allow him to tweet messages himself.

The Canadian Journalists Association published a screenshot of Bernier’s tweet, saying that chasing journalists “for performing their basic duties is unacceptable and dangerous behavior.”

It remains unclear whether Bernier published the offending tweet himself, if others in his party did so with his consent or if the tweet was published without his involvement.

CBC News contacted PPC spokesman Martin Masse for comment but has not received a response.

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