Telegram Plus Mod Apk Download Messenger Application Latest Version 2022 – Detail Explored

Telegram Plus Mod Apk Download Messenger Application Latest Version 2022 –
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Telegram Plus Mod Apk Download Plus Messenger – Plus Messenger, also known as Telegram Plus, is a third-party Telegram client for Android that offers advanced customization options and performance improvements.

If you like Telegram but wish it was easier to use and offered more customization support, Plus Messenger is the app for you!

With everything you already love about Telegram, Plus offers a full suite of performance improvements that speed up tasks in the app.

Like the ability to instantly share in any chat – and you can do it in peace without quoting someone!

It also has advanced customization options that allow you to copy your Telegram theme and reload it to look and feel the way you want.

Overall Plus Messenger offers a lot of advanced functionality over traditional Telegram, making it a good choice for those who want to do more with their chats.

Well, in this review we will share the Apk file of Plus Messenger (Telegram Plus). But before that, let’s talk about telegram first.

What is Telegram Plus?

Imagine the ease of sending text messages and the power of email. Now add the ability to access it anywhere, on any device, send any type of file, all safe and absolutely free.

As a cross-platform messenger, Telegram combines the features of WhatsApp and Snapchat while holding the marketing potential of Facebook.

telegram plus messenger

Let’s take a look at the basics of Telegram and some of its features:


Telegram supports every platform on mobile and desktop; with native application.

Mobile versions for smartphones and tablets include Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone and Ubuntu Touch.

The desktop version followed suit with macOS, Windows and Linux. Read Also: Telegram Desktop

Regardless of device type, users can send messages based on text, photos, audio, video and any other file type; including: doc, zip, mp3 and more – up to 1.5 GB each.


Apart from sending all kinds of files, Telegram focuses on speed. Messages sync seamlessly across channels – to every user – at the same time.

This seems even more impressive when you consider its ability to share to 5,000 groups or broadcast to multiple people on a single channel.


Small business owners may find the Telegram Groups feature useful. The two categories – Groups and Supergroups – allow for sharing between 200 and 5,000 members each.

Groups can share and collaborate with the power of access and unified history.

Each member can pin important messages, broadcast special announcements and add members to the group.

Secret Chat

Creating a secret chat is a two click process. This feature enables end-to-end encryption for highly secure messaging.

The platform developer claims no one can decipher the message except you and your intended recipient. Once you delete a message, it automatically deletes on the other side.


Individual users and groups can send messages with the timed destruction feature.

This feature may be of interest to small businesses that send critical time- and mission-sensitive messages, but are faster than accidentally archived or shared outside the company.


Telegram supports two-layer encryption. Server-client encryption is used in cloud chat, while Secret Chat uses an additional layer of clients.

Telegram is so confident in their security that they are offering a $300,000 bounty for anyone who can hack their system.


Accessibility is the main feature of Telegram. Its cloud-based system allows you to access messages from any device and any location no matter where they come from.

If you start composing messages on your phone, you can easily pick up and resume from your desktop. This feature will definitely come in handy in a small business environment.

Download Telegram Plus / Plus Messenger

Now you already know the features of telegram right? Its features are amazing, and now you can download the mod version which is certainly more than the usual telegram.

  • HE: Change the color and size of multiple objects as text, icons, headers and create your own themes. Save your theme and share easily with your friends.
    Apply themes shared by other users
  • MEDIA: Audio files can be shared easily from the Chat Screen
  • PRIVACY: Mobile number can be hidden from Menu Drawer and Settings menu
  • MORE: Display sender name on images, videos and documents.
    Continue message without quoting (thanks to fduraibi)

Mod Feature :

  • Languages: id, ru, uk
  • Platform: arm7 +, x86 +
  • Deep graphics optimization, duplicates removed
  • Coffee theme (seen in Settings) and several other Telegraph themes
  • Manifest optimized
  • Modifications released from Google Services
  • Blocked analytics collection, with care
  • Renamed everywhere on Telegram +
  • Original icon and notification icon (from official client)
  • Maps, addresses and job locations
  • Compression: Ultra + Zipalign
  • Signature changed
No Telegram Plus / Plus Messenger
Size 24 MB
Update Latest
Licence Free
Developer Plus Messenger

To enjoy these amazing features, please download via the button above for free:

Cara Install Telegram Plus Apk

  1. Download File APK
    First download the apk file that we have provided above.
  2. Enable Unknown Source
    Open smartphone settings and activate “unknown sourcei.e. enter Settings > other > privacy > enable unknown sources.
  3. Install
    Go to the apk folder that you downloaded then tap and click install at the bottom right.
  4. Done
    Wait for the installation process to run until it is finished.

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That’s the review about Telegram Plus Mod Apk Download Plus Messenger. May be useful.


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