iPhone 14 gets a stunning transparent back with this mod Detail Explored

iPhone 14 gets a stunning transparent back with this mod
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The Nothing Phone 1 reignited interest in the phone’s transparent aesthetic, but modders have been at it for a while. The latest experiment to emerge from the enthusiast community is an iPhone 14 with a transparent back panel. Photos of an iPhone 14 with the interior visible underneath are making the rounds on Twitter, but the identity of the modder remains unclear.

The wireless charging coil surrounded by the MagSafe magnetic ring, battery, Taptic Engine and Lightning port assembly are among the hardware elements that are clearly visible. It looks pretty neat, but if you want it desperately but can’t find the buyer bidding on it online, you can still capture some of that magic with DBrand’s Something range of iPhone skins and cases. It’s a blatant rip-off of Nothing’s signature design, but it sure looks great.

iPhone 14 goes transparent pic.twitter.com/ce4qJrQUdq

— repair Apple 🍏 (@lipilipsi) September 22, 2022

The transparent modification work is not surprising, as teardowns revealed that after years, Apple has finally eased the scope of repairs with an updated internal assembly for the back glass panel. It’s also not surprising that we haven’t seen much transparent modification work since the iPhone 11 series, which was a design departure from the iPhone XS.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should order one of Apple’s self-repair kits, 3D print a transparent back panel, and go to town on a DIY transparent back panel modification adventure on your new iPhone 14. Apple still requires parts to be matched via its own proprietary software and any damage could void the warranty.

A long history of transparent modding

The sheer craze of Apple smartphone modding first gained traction with iPhone 4, and a year later iFixit was selling an entire iPhone 4S DIY kit. Transparent mod kits for the iPhone 5 soon followed, and the iPhone 5s also received a similar treatment. AliExpress was even selling transparent mod kits for iPhones for less than $10 back then.

A transparent mode for iPhone 4 back panel.
Snazzy Labs / YouTube

Things got a little interesting when Apple adopted a curved metal look with the iPhone 6, but as you can see in this EverythingApplePro clip, the changes were sold on this model as well. The iPhone 7 was no different. Over time, transparent modding has gotten even more refined, as shown in this video covering a transparent iPhone 8 back.

As Apple ushered in the Face ID era with a fresh design on the iPhone X and carried it through another year on the iPhone XS, modders further improved their work with transparent back panel replacements. But Apple changed things up with the iPhone 11, and not in a good way. As iFixit notes in its teardown of the iPhone 11, “the back glass can only be replaced with a full case swap.”

Modified iPhone X with transparent back panel for iPhone X.
Everything Apple Pro / YouTube

The trend continued and got even riskier as Apple threw MagSafe into the mix and was ever so generous with the glue inside. Take this iPhone 12 transparent mode result and how unpolished it looks. It looks like the iPhone 14 will bring back the old days of sharp back panel modification work.

Apple dreams transparently, in patents

What about Apple? Well, it seems that the company has at least thought about the idea of ​​transparent iPhones. Last year, PatentlyApple discovered an apple file describing iPhones with a glass case. A somewhat similar design plan with heavy glass has also been revealed for the iPad in patent documents.

Another particularly ambitious patent document suggests that Apple is dreaming of an all-glass iPhone with a transparent display assembly. Moving on, another Apple patent details an idea where the top of the screen offers a transparent AR view captured by images from the rear camera.

These patents may never see the light of day, but a well-made transparent back panel replacement for the iPhone 14 is a sign that fans at least have something to look forward to.

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