I’M PREGNANT! Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Video Leaked on Twitter

I’M PREGNANT! Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Video is going viral on social media, especially, on Twitter these days. People are searching for this person frequently.

I’M PREGNANT! Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Video – After Selena Gomez, Nelly, Oxlade, Isaiah, Lil Fizz, Mohamed Salah and Jenna Ortega leaked videos, today the video of American actress Trisha Paytas has gone viral on social media platforms, who is Trisha Paytas? Let us tell you in full detail about Trisha Paytas. You can watch Trisha Paytas’s video on Kuri007 dot com.

YouTuber Trisha Paytas announced they are seven weeks pregnant in a YouTube video posted February 14.

After saying they were told by doctors they would require IVF to conceive, Paytas, who uses “they” and “them” pronouns, told viewers they were in “disbelief” to learn of the pregnancy.

Who is Trisha Paytas Twitter user:

The @trishapaytas Twitter page was created in March 2009. He has posted 80.1K tweets on twitter. His record title is “Trisha Paytas”. His record discription is “my VIP onlyfans”. The Twitter web page has more than 842.4K followers as of now but it seems numbers are increasing.

Who is Trisha Paytas ?

The 33-year old controversial influencer has almost 5 million YouTube subscribers and has documented their journey with infertility. In January 2016, they uploaded a video titled “Why I can’t have children,” in which they said they contracted chlamydia which went undiagnosed for years and led to them being told by doctors that they could never naturally conceive.

Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Video

In their pregnancy announcement video, Paytas said, “I’M PREGNANT! I’m in disbelief in so many ways but at the same time it just feels right. All of a sudden I just feel a sense of purpose.”

Watch Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Video:

You may watch Trisha Paytas Pregnancy Video right here 👇🏻.

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