500 husband and wife.. One sacrifice? Detail Explored

500 husband and wife.. One sacrifice?
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Disputes between husband and wife are common in every home. It can be said that there is no life without conflict. But it should not be ignored. Leave it without consideration. But don’t think about them because it increases the distance between man and woman. It spoils the intimacy of the two. But.. knowingly or unknowingly small things.. hasty decisions have to pay a heavy price. A similar incident happened in Mumbai. When a man went shopping, he fought with his wife because she didn’t pay the rest of the money, he tried to pretend that he hung the art to scare her. But he caught Urikamba by accident and died. When the local residents realized that he had passed away, they rushed him to the hospital. A man named Sharma lived with his wife Chandini Devi at Virar West Veer Savarkar Marg in Mumbai. Sharma works in the garment manufacturing sector.

In this way, Chandini asked her husband for Rs.2000 for shopping. He said that he didn’t need that much money.. He said that he should take Rs 1500 and return the rest to Rs 500. Sarenana did not return the money to Chandni, and the two had a fight. The war got bigger and bigger. Sharma insisted on paying Rs.500. He thought that his wife was afraid that she would kill herself and hang herself. He went into his bedroom and closed the door. He tied a cloth to the fan in the room. The wife is watching all this. Her husband also tried to scare her. But he accidentally put it on and the nose tightened around his neck. Chandni reported immediately.. he shouted loudly. The people nearby were told, they were immediately informed and they broke the doors and went inside. Sharma hanging from the fan is brought down. He was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment without further delay. The medical examiner confirmed that he was already dead.

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