15 Latest Hits and Viral Songs 2022, Trending and Popular on TikTok – Kuri007 Detail Explored

15 Latest Hits and Viral Songs 2022, Trending and Popular on TikTok – Kuri007
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Kuri007.com > 15 Newest Hits and Viral Songs 2022, Trending on TikTok > Hi, friends, all of you are back with the admin who always provides the latest information every day.

For this article, the admin will discuss about 15 Newest Hits and Viral Songs 2022, Trending on TikTok.

Tiktok is a social media application that has many users, especially in this day and age, there are so many people who use this application.

There have been many tiktok users who have made money and more and more fans have been interested.

Because of what ? This tiktok application can help channel our hobbies in the arts, especially dance and singing, and if any of the readers are curious about further information, don’t go anywhere and always stay in this admin article.

15 List of Popular Songs in the Tiktok Application in 2022

22 Viral TikTok Songs and Sounds Right Now (Today), Make FYP!

As is well known that in this tiktok application there are songs that are popular and most of the pop genre owned by several singers from Indonesia and abroad with their own distinctive voices.

Pop genre songs are still in demand by various groups because they are pleasant to hear in all situations and sometimes even relate to everyday life.

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The following is a list of pop songs that you can try to listen to when you are curious but pass through the tiktok homepage that all readers have.

The title and singer of the viral song on Tiktok in 2022

There are several names of singers and pop song titles that admin will present to all readers, and it is also necessary to know that the pop songs that admin presents to readers are all songs that often pass on the admin’s tiktok homepage.

List of Songs and Singer Names:

  • Fabio Asher – Surviving Hurt
  • Rizky Febian – Until Old Together
  • Mahalini – The Perfect Story of Ziva Magnolya – My Love Fairy
  • Arvian Dwi – Teach Me
  • Mahalini – Leftovers
  • Sasha Sloan – Dancing With Your Ghost
  • Chord Overstreet – Hold On

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  • Faouzia – RIP, Love
  • Tiara Andini – Feeling Beautiful
  • Justin Bieber – Ghost
  • Lutfi Aulia – Favorite Sky
  • Sincere – Be careful on the road3. Kezia – I’m Still Thinking Of You
  • Tiara Andini – Feeling Beautiful
  • Budi Doremi – Time Machine
  • Yura Yunita – Inner Speech
  • Mahalini – Against Restu
  • Danar Widianto – Just a Formality

Well, above are some list of songs that often pass on the tiktok admin homepage, actually there are many more lists of popular songs in this tikton application.

However, here the admin only provides the information that is most often passed while scrolling the application full of this latest information.

Actually, lucky for those singers who have those songs. Because of what ? because from there they can earn extra pocket money for snacks.

Therefore, the admin also recommends those of you who have artistic talent and are familiar with technology and current applications to use them well so that they can benefit us.

The final word

That’s the information that admin can provide about 15 Newest Hits and Viral Songs 2022, Trending on TikTok this. Hopefully what the admin presents in this article can be useful and easy to understand for all of you.

Don’t forget to always stop by at this article or Kuri007.com account, so that you all always get the latest information and updates.

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